Multinational Shipping Container Company


At the time a large shipping container company approached West X Business Solutions for help with challenges related to the print environment in their Vancouver location, their staff was managing over 20 multi-vendor print devices including HP, Lexmark, and Xerox.

Department heads were responsible for managing printing devices in their respective business units, and the lack of a standard system for ordering supplies, placing service calls, etc., was becoming costly and time consuming. Staff was spending valuable time managing printers instead of focusing on their core roles, and downtime was increasing due to frequent breakdowns. Support calls to the IT Help Desk were mounting up, placing extra work on their already stretched-thin IT staff. Furthermore, senior management had no visibility into printing usage and costs, making it difficult to manage budgets.

The management team knew they needed to reign in on print costs and outsource the management of their print devices.

Our Approach

To get a clear view of our client’s current print environment, we completed a comprehensive assessment of their devices and usage. We used our print analysis tool to complete a device inventory, and then monitored those devices to understand print volumes and trends. Based on this analysis, we were able to accurately report on their monthly and annual print costs. We also worked closely with key users to learn how staff interacted with those devices, and what they liked and did not like about their current print environment. This feedback helped establish a baseline for current processes from which we could design a solution that included transitioning all unmanaged devices to a managed service.

The Benefits

  • Reduced print-related expenses by 25%
  • Support calls to the IT help desk have been significantly reduced
  • Office workers are now able to focus on core responsibilities
  • Detailed reporting gives leaders a line of sight into print trends, usage, and costs
  • Costs are predictable with cost-per-page billing
  • Consolidated billing reduced the number of monthly invoices processed in accounts payable from 20 to 1
  • Simplified print management

Company Profile

Established in 1973, this client is a global leader and project developer in the marine energy space. With offices in 15 countries and approximately 7,100 seagoing and shore-based employees, they provide a comprehensive set of marine services to the world’s leading oil and gas companies. Vancouver is one of the company’s Core Service Centres –located in the heart of downtown.

Our Solution

West X Business Solutions transitioned all their unmanaged print devices to our Managed Print Services Program. This program enables:

  • Automatic supplies replenishment: toner is automatically-ordered and delivered
  • Proactive services: we understand what is wrong with the printer before we show up
  • On-site break-fix services: when a printer breaks down, our technician comes on-site and fixes it
  • Help Desk support: support calls go to the Xerox help desk instead of their internal IT help desk
  • Reporting and analytics: detailed reporting about how much is being printed
  • Consolidated billing: one detailed bill per month for all devices
  • Cost-per-page billing: pay per page printed not per cartridge