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What is Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that allows users to automate a diverse range of tasks and processes across various Microsoft and third-party applications and services. It enables automated workflows, known as “flows,” to streamline repetitive tasks and integrate different applications and data sources.

How Can Power Automate Help Your Business?

Email Notifications

Create automated email notifications for new messages, updates or actions in your applications.

Approval Workflows

Set-up approval processes for documents, requests or expenses, as well as notifications and escalations.

Data Entry and Validation

Automate data entry tasks, validate data and update records in databases or spreadsheets.

AI Data Extraction

Automate document processing with AI-driven optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract and validate data from documents.

Scheduled Tasks

Set up scheduled workflows for routine tasks like data backups, report generation or system maintenance.

Form Processing

Automate the extraction and processing of data from forms, surveys or invoices.

Notification Systems

Create custom notification systems for events, incidents or alerts.

Data Migration

Automate data migration tasks, ensuring data consistency and accuracy during transitions.

Data Transformation

Automate data transformations and data cleansing tasks.

Legacy System Integration

Integrating Power Automate with legacy systems and applications to modernize and automate processes.

Microsoft Power Automate Logo

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