Records Management and Digitization Solution

Company Overview

Our client is a distinguished non-profit organization dedicated to youth mentoring. Their commitment extends to serving thousands of youths across numerous communities through diverse programs, making a positive impact on their lives.


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Our client faced challenges in managing a high volume of physical volunteer and client records. Manual record-keeping processes resulted in difficulties finding old files, and the lack of a centralized and digitized system for archiving volunteer and client records posed a significant challenge. The paper-based environment presented difficulties in adhering to national records management standards, especially with a retention period extending over 50 years.


To address these challenges, West X Business Solutions initiated a comprehensive solution:

  • Scanned physical files to digitize records, improving accessibility and reducing reliance on paper-based processes.
  • Migrated digital records into a new SharePoint environment.
  • Developed a SharePoint portal to properly archive volunteer and client records, overcoming challenges faced in manual record-keeping.
  • Designed a user-friendly interface facilitating seamless navigation and efficient search functionalities for quick retrieval of old files.
  • Implemented a structured archiving system to ensure compliance with national records management standards.
  • Introduced a secure authentication process to manage access rights and protect sensitive information.
  • Leveraged SharePoint’s capabilities for version control and audit trails to monitor changes and maintain a transparent record history.

The Results

The implementation of the SharePoint portal significantly improved records management, providing a centralized and digitized repository for volunteer and client files. The search and retrieval process for old files became significantly more efficient, reducing the time and effort previously required. The organization achieved alignment with national records management standards, ensuring compliant archiving practices. Enhanced data security through secure authentication processes and access controls