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Company Overview

Founded in 1972, Wylie-Crump has been a trailblazer in the insurance brokerage industry, defying traditional norms. Operating as an independent commercial insurance brokerage in Vancouver, BC, the company specializes in catering to the unique needs of the construction and development industries. With a proactive approach, Wylie-Crump navigates the dynamic insurance and surety marketplace, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions. Serving as trusted partners, the company’s clientele includes leaders across various industries, leveraging a well-established network of third-party partners to deliver efficient and effective insurance services tailored to clients’ business needs, regardless of location.


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Wylie-Crump encountered challenges stemming from rapid team growth, leading to inefficiencies in the manual process of recording and tracking employees’ time off. Exploring digital solutions, including integration with the payroll system, proved daunting, as no existing option met all their needs. The imperative for a streamlined, cost-effective, and customized application to manage time-off processes became evident.


Choosing a custom-designed Microsoft PowerApp solution through West X Business Solutions, Wylie-Crump discovered an efficient and cost-effective alternative. The West X Business Solutions team seamlessly collaborated during the discovery and development phase, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the company’s needs. The resulting PowerApp streamlined the time-off process, freeing up valuable time for other projects and priorities. Despite the inevitable discovery of kinks in a live environment, the team at West X Business Solutions showcased exceptional problem-solving skills.

The Results

The Microsoft PowerApp solution significantly streamlined Wylie-Crump’s time-off processes, providing tangible efficiency benefits. West X Business Solutions’ ongoing support and commitment to addressing discovered issues underscore their dedication to client satisfaction. The enthusiasm to continue working with West X Business Solutions reflects the anticipation of developing additional features for the application to meet evolving needs. The partnership with West X Business Solutions not only resolved immediate challenges but also positioned Wylie-Crump for continued success in managing their growing team effectively.