Bill of Lading and Delivery Solution

Company Overview

Established in 2009, our client is a leader in the Feed, Farm, and Food sectors.


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Our client encountered logistical and scheduling challenges within its operations. Relying on a complex, Excel-based Master Spreadsheet for the manual tracking of deliveries and pickups, they faced ambiguities in assigning drivers, scheduling, and coordinating deliveries. The absence of a centralized system hindered efficient management of delivery schedules and relevant details. Additional challenges included difficulty in tracking tank levels at various farms and coordinating timely drop-offs based on tank volume. Managing complexities in incorporating essential details such as shippers, consignees, BOL numbers, and product descriptions further exacerbated the operational inefficiencies.


To address these challenges, we worked with our client to develop a Microsoft Power Apps solution aimed at streamlining scheduling and logistics for deliveries and pickups. Launching a user-friendly app, we digitized and centralized the tracking of driver schedules and pertinent details, effectively addressing challenges related to assigning drivers, tracking tank levels, and capturing necessary information. The system was designed with dropdown menus for critical data, ensuring consistency and accuracy in data collection. Additional features were incorporated for efficient scheduling and tracking, including pop-up warnings for split loads and required photographs.

The Results

The implementation of the Microsoft Power Apps solution successfully streamlined the logistics and scheduling process, minimizing manual efforts and complexities. This resulted in improved visibility into delivery schedules, ensuring accurate and timely driver assignments. The enhanced communication and coordination between logistics coordinators and drivers have significantly increased overall efficiency. Furthermore, the implemented system lays the foundation for future enhancements, ensuring alignment with our client’s organizational goals and standards. This solution not only addresses current challenges but positions our client for sustained success and adaptability in the evolving landscape of their industry.