Warranty Claims Solution

Company Overview

Our client is a leader in the flooring industry and specializes in the import and distribution of laminate flooring.


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Our clients’ existing manual claim filing system, involving forms, pictures, and documentation, has led to significant delays in processing claims. Challenges in tracking claim status often resulted in stalled claims waiting for information or internal processing. The absence of an efficient alert system for dormant claims and the lack of a structured workflow were evident. Sales teams faced difficulty in gaining insight into the status of claims when working with clients, and the high volume of claims became challenging to manage using Excel.


To address these challenges, West X Business Solutions designed and developed a Microsoft Power Pages-based system that enables distributors to seamlessly submit and track claims. Clients now enjoy the convenience of submitting and monitoring claims through a personalized web portal. Employees benefit from a user-friendly interface, simplifying the claims process. The portal streamlines the overall workflow and ensures timely notifications for necessary actions, fostering efficiency and expediting the internal claim management process.

The Results

The implementation of the streamlined Power Pages solution significantly improved efficiency in claim processing. Enhanced visibility into claim status has reduced delays and improved responsiveness. Distributors can now monitor claim status through the web portal, and end consumers benefit from a simplified online claim submission process. Efficient communication with customers regarding claim decisions has been established, and there is improved management oversight with the ability to track open claims, their age, assigned staff, and reasons for delays. Additionally, the system has streamlined manufacturer compensation tracking for management, contributing to a more transparent and efficient claims management process.