Accounts Payable Automation Solution

Company Overview

The story of AccessSMT is one that spans many decades. It involves two companies: Shanahan’s Limited Partnership and McGregor & Thompson Hardware Ltd. With a shared 140 years of experience in the construction supply industry and approximately 500 employees, AccessSMT has a proven track record in completing projects across various sectors, including commercial, residential, industrial, and modular projects in Canada and the United States.


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AccessSMT’s Accounts Payable (AP) team faced a significant challenge with a high volume of invoices, managed through a complex folder structure on their file server. The existing manual approval process required physical printing of invoices, leading to considerable delays in approvals, often stretching over days or even weeks. With thousands of invoices processed monthly, the conventional approach relying on shared folders and manual searches resulted in inefficiencies and challenges. The team struggled to locate specific invoices within emails, folders, and PDFs, causing delays and impacting overall productivity.


Collaborating with West X Business Solutions, AccessSMT embarked on a transformative journey to streamline their AP process, leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform for automation. The implementation of an AP automation solution marked a shift from manual approvals to an efficient, automated workflow. Invoices are seamlessly received, processed, and directed to SharePoint, where they undergo review or approval through the Power Automate workflow.

The Results

The AP Automation system successfully replaced the manual extraction of invoices from emails and shared folders, addressing the challenges posed by the sheer volume of invoices. Automation captures essential information from email-received invoices, eliminating the need for manual filing and significantly reducing processing time. The SharePoint platform offers advanced sorting options, allowing the team to organize invoices by vendor name, invoice number, date, amount, and purchase order numbers. This streamlined process not only improves efficiency but also enhances overall organization, contributing to increased productivity at AccessSMT. The successful implementation showcases the positive impact of embracing technology to revolutionize essential business processes.