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Company Overview

Active Electric Ltd is a leading electrical contracting company serving the residential and commercial needs of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey. With a wide array of services, including Electrician Services, Panel Upgrade Services, and Hydro Retrofit Services, the company specializes in new construction, renovations, tenant improvements, and various electrical installations.


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Active Electric Ltd encountered a significant challenge in efficiently managing day-to-day work orders for its service technicians in the field and office staff. Despite exploring existing apps in the market, none could meet the company’s specific requirements. This led to the decision to create a customized app. After careful research, Active Electric Ltd partnered with West X Business Solutions to develop a tailored solution. The primary objective was to streamline the information flow between field technicians and the office, ultimately enhancing overall operational efficiency.


In collaboration with West X Business Solutions, Active Electric Ltd opted to build the customized app using Microsoft Power Platform and SharePoint. West X Business Solutions played a crucial role in the entire process, from setting up the app to training the staff on its usage. The chosen technology stack facilitated seamless communication and data sharing among employees, perfectly addressing the specific needs of Active Electric Ltd. West X Business Solutions’ proactive approach ensured timely resolution of glitches and issues, contributing to uninterrupted business operations. The scalability of the app, built on Microsoft Power Platform, allows for the addition of features as needed, ensuring adaptability to the company’s growth.

The Results

The customized app successfully optimized day-to-day work order management for Active Electric Ltd, fostering efficiency in both field and office operations. The integration of Microsoft Power Platform and SharePoint provided a robust and tailored solution that precisely met the unique requirements of the company. West X Business Solutions’ commitment to addressing issues promptly played a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of Active Electric Ltd.’s business processes. With the app’s scalability, it stands as a valuable asset poised to evolve with the company’s needs, making it an integral component for ongoing business growth.