Achieve The Paperless Office

Take the easiest first step toward digitization: shift away from paper and capture significant savings in storage and employee time

The Facts

In today’s digital world, business at the speed of paper is uncompetitive. Paper is slow to process, it’s slow to find, it’s unsecure, it’s prone to error, and it makes collaborating with others difficult.


Organizations that eliminate paper are able to respond quicker to client requests, enforce business rules, improve team collaboration, boost employee productivity, and reduce costs.


At West X, our goal is to provide our clients with the tools, techniques, and strategies to achieve the paperless office.

The Benefits

Reduce Costs icon

Reduce Costs

Increase Efficiency icon

Increase Efficiency

Enhance Customer Satisfaction icon

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Promote Sustainability icon

Promote Sustainability

Improve Collaboration icon

Improve Collaboration

Strengthen Security icon

Strengthen Security

Our Methodology

Understanding the current environment is critical to creating an efficient and effective future state of operations for any organization, business unit, or team.


Our assessment services help uncover inefficiencies behind your paper-intensive processes. We identify how certain processes can be optimised and digitised: the ideal starting point to reduce costs and increase productivity.


We use our expert knowledge in business process management, our unique assessment methodology, and proprietary tools to give you a data-driven view of your document-driven processes. This approach provides a detailed understanding of your document-intensive processes, allowing us to identify inefficiencies and uncover opportunities for simplification and digitization.

Digital Business Assessment
Vision & Goals Discovery
Voice of the Employee Survey
Team Workshops
Process Mapping
Technical Scoping

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