Be on the Lookout for these Hidden Costs!

As a business owner in today’s economy, it’s important to run your business as efficiently as possible by controlling costs and increasing productivity. One often overlooked area when it comes to cost savings is your company’s print environment. It’s estimated that close to 90% of business owners don’t know how much they are actually spending on printing. The truth is, an unmanaged print environment can be costing you thousands of dollars annually in hidden costs.


Let’s look at a few areas to consider:


  • Supplies – Waste and mismanagement of supplies can cost you a fortune! If stored in an unsecure area supplies may disappear and then reappear for sale online.
  • Hardware – Do you know your per-page cost for each device in your office? Outdated inefficient technology can cost you money; but new technology can be deceptive. A low-entry price doesn’t always mean less expense. A low-priced printer may end up costing you big money in consumables. Make sure you read the specs and do your homework!
  • Lost Productivity – Unmaintained printers can break down bringing work to a halt. Improperly placed machines can create bottlenecks and impact productivity as well. Maintain and manage your printers for best results and lower cost.
  • Unnecessary Use – Put print protocols in place to track usage. Simple solutions like defaulting to double-sided prints can cut your consumables costs in half!
  • Energy Costs – New multifunction devices are more energy efficient and power down when not in use. Replace older, inefficient printers with Energy Star-rated machines to maximize savings!


If you want to learn more about easy fixes to lower your costs, increase productivity and reduce waste, contact a Managed Print Services provider for a free print assessment. You’ll learn exactly what your print environment is costing your business and how to uncover and eliminate hidden costs. It’s a smart business decision!


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