Automate Common Processes

Convert tangled workflows in finance, HR and other departments into smooth, automated processes that capture, index, route, and archive information

The Facts

We live in a digital world. Yet organizations still rely on manual steps for repetitive, routine tasks and processes. Untold workforce hours are spent tediously entering data into systems, searching for information, and manually routing documents from person to person for review, approval, and signature. This not only grinds entire processes to a halt, but it introduces significant opportunities for errors, headaches, and unnecessary costs.


No journey to digital transformation can be complete without process automation. Opportunities for process automation present themselves in almost any business context. Certain processes in finance, HR, operations and legal are particularly prone to repetitive, multi-step tasks and manual data entry and are prime candidates for automation.


At West X, our goal is to help our clients remove repetitive, low value tasks from employees, so they can focus on work that drives innovation and profit.

Departmental Processes: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receiveable, Expense Management, Contracts Management, Records Management, Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

The Benefits

Streamline Operations icon

Streamline Operations

Boost Productivity icon

Boost Productivity

Increase Efficiency icon

Increase Efficiency

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Gain Competitive Advantage

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Reduce Costs

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Improve Employee Engagement

Our Methodology

Understanding the current environment is critical to creating an efficient and effective future state of operations for any organization, business unit, or team.
Our assessment services help uncover inefficiencies behind your paper-intensive processes. We identify how certain processes can be optimised and digitised: the ideal starting point to reduce costs and increase productivity.


We use our expert knowledge in business process management, our unique assessment methodology, and proprietary tools to give you a data-driven view of your document-driven processes. This approach provides a detailed understanding of your document-intensive processes, allowing us to identify inefficiencies and uncover opportunities for simplification and digitization.

Digital Business Assessment
Vision & Goals Discovery
Voice of the Employee Survey
Team Workshops
Process Mapping
Technical Scoping

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