Accounts Payable Automation

Transform Accounts Payable processes with speed, visibility and control

If your AP department is like most, then invoices and documents constantly roll in from different locations and in different formats. This makes capturing and organizing vital information challenging, to say the least.

Now with an Accounts Payable workflow solution, you can electronically manage the documents and information that drive AP processes. This leads to faster, more accurate invoice processing. And it improves vendor relationships and creates opportunities to get early payment discounts.

Our Workflow Automation Solution for Accounts Payable can help you:

  • Capture supplier invoices electronically and reduce operating costs associated with paper-based processing.
  • Instantly, automatically extract high-value information
  • Automatically deliver documents and data to the appropriate people for review, approval, and coding.
  • Improve vendor relationships.
  • Integrate data with existing accounting and enterprise systems such as ERP/CRM, etc.
  • Provide security for access controls as well as audit trails.
  • Immediately respond to exceptions and audit requests.
  • Stay compliant with government mandates
  • Balance workloads, increase invoice throughput and understand real-time account balances and status.
  • Automatically prompt unwanted documents for destruction