Mobile Print

What you Need to Know About Mobile Print


Mobile print – the capability to send print jobs from any Internet-enabled location – appears to be no passing trend.


  • According to IDC, up to 75 percent of the North American workforce was mobile in 2010 – and that was five years ago, at the dawn of the smartphone/tablet revolution.
  • Furthermore, iPass reports that 91 percent of mobile workers use their smartphones.


Is mobile print for you? If you have employees, vendors, customers and others who need to share information with you from remote locations, the answer is likely “yes.”


IT concerns … and solutions

Your IT staff, understandably, may have some questions about integrating mobile printing into the infrastructure:


  • Will the company need new applications or print drivers to support mobile usage?
  • What are the security risks associated with mobile print – especially with highly confidential data?
  • Will integrating mobile into the print fleet take an undue amount of time and resources?


For many SMBs a mobile print solution can alleviate these concerns.


The right system will manage multiple applications tied to specific devices and print drivers; deliver a high level of data security; and can be managed by a qualified Managed Print Services (MPS) company.


End-user convenience

From wondering if their own smartphones and tablets will work in the mobile system, to asking if multiple file types (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, email) can be printed remotely, end-users have their own set of concerns.


For users, the knowledge that an MPS provider is supporting them with the technology to print, scan, and share from nearly anywhere – contributes to better acceptance of mobile printing.


Find your solution

Cloud-based mobile printing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every organization has its specific needs, and a Managed Print Services provider can identify the services you need so you don’t pay for those you don’t.


Boost productivity by using mobile print – an MPS partner can help you make it happen.


For more information on how you can integrate mobile printing into your print environment, we invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation print environment assessment.