Want to Reduce Print Costs? Here’s How!

Inefficient equipment and outdated workflows can cost you. With a little creative problem solving, a fresh approach and updated equipment you can get your print environment under control and dramatically reduce your printing costs.


Here are five tips that can help you to get started reigning in your print costs!


  1. Replace Inefficient Printers – Outdated, inefficient printers may still produce but at what cost? Any device that’s seven years old or older doesn’t offer the functionality of newer models, can require frequent repairs, suffer periodic downtime and increase your energy costs. When you make the investment in new technology the added functionality and efficiency can more than make up for the cost


  1. Reign In Purchasing – Mishandled purchasing can result in a roomful of extra toner and reams of paper. Uncoordinated purchasing between departments can cost you in unnecessary expenses every year. If you don’t have a dedicated print manager, consider appointing a team member as point person to keep track of stock and ordering.


  1. Automate Document Workflows Whenever Possible – Digital workflows are more efficient and digital document management can eliminate unnecessary printing. Not only is this approach cost effective it can work to enhance security and address privacy concerns.


  1. Reduce Your Reliance on Paper – A digital document solution can reduce the cost of consumables like toner and paper. While it’s not a practical solution for every department, if a job can be automated and completed without printing, it should be. For example, avoid printing out emails, it’s a wasteful process that is often unnecessary.


  1. Reduce IT Support Calls For Printer Problems – Calling your IT team to fix a paper jam or address a WiFi issue can reduce employee frustration, but it also takes valuable time away from addressing critical IT issues. Avoid dealing with these productivity killers by identifying potential problem areas in your print infrastructure. Then you can take steps like creating more effective workflows and digital document solutions. If you need help identifying problem areas, hire a professional who can help.


Having professional help managing your print environment and document workflows by creating digital solutions can make day-to-day operations run more efficiently while significantly lowering your costs. If you’d like to learn more, give one of our experienced specialists a call and let us show you how to get your print environment under control!