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Compact Size, Affordable Ink, and Quality Printing
Whether your business only prints occasional memos or churns out hundreds of reports each week, having a quality office printer on your side is a must. At West X Business Solutions, we offer everything from standard inkjet printers to small business laser printers, all at an affordable price point.

Benefits of Small Business Laser Printers

Office printers come in many shapes and forms but the three main options are inkjet printers, laser printers, and all-in-one printers. For small offices, inkjet printers are versatile enough to handle a variety of print jobs and they are affordable to purchase. Small business laser printers, on the other hand, might cost a little more up front but they offer a compact size, fast printing speeds, and affordable ink. For larger offices that need a copier as well, an all-in-one printer might be a good option.

Choosing the Right Small Office Printers

When it comes to choosing the right small office printers for your Vancouver area business you can count on West X Business Solutions to help you make the right choice. Xerox office printers come in a number of different sizes to accommodate businesses both small and large. Some of the smaller office printers are recommended for work teams of 1 to 5 users while larger printers can accommodate 10 to 25 users.
In addition to considering the size of your business you also need to think about the type of printing you do. For smaller print jobs, an inkjet office printer might be the most cost-effective option. For large, multipage print jobs where quality is a factor, a laser office printer might be better. No matter what kind of printer you choose, you can count on West X Business Solutions, an authorized Xerox dealer, to provide you with the business technology you need.

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