Simple and Cost-Effective Security Measures for SMBs

Security Measures for SMBs

Open your paper on almost any day and you’ll read about the latest data breach. It’s obvious why hackers would target banks or insurance companies, but the fact is almost every business has information that would be of value to thieves. If you have payment information, employee records, or customer information on your network, you are potentially at risk of a breach.


The threat extends beyond large corporations. It’s estimated that 60% of cyber attacks target small to medium-sized businesses. This can be especially difficult if you don’t have the resources to implement countermeasures. Beyond the immediate disruption to your business, data breaches can erode hard-earned trust and damage your reputation with customers and potential customers.


Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can improve your security. Here are a few tips to consider:


Move Beyond Paper Records

Paper records are risky. An errant invoice left lying around or customer records kept in an unsecured file cabinet can disappear without anyone noticing. Add to this the dangers posed by fire, flood or even human error and you can see the benefits of digitization. Digital records allow you to control access, facilitate offsite backup and reduces human errors like misfiling a document. Plus, they can lower your costs and increase efficiency.


Secure ALL of Your Devices

While digital files are safer than paper, they are not inherently secure. It’s shocking what can be retrieved from an old device or drive. Couple this with the added risk of stolen devices as your workforce becomes more mobile and it becomes clear why proper encryption and disposal of data is crucial.


Mobile devices and desktops can be protected through encryption or data management systems that allow remote deletion if a device is lost or stolen. Often businesses forget that, just like any computer, their networked print devices need to be secured as well. Password protection, hard drive encryption and data overwrite can make securing your printers a simple, low-cost process.


Limit Access

Physical theft is a real threat that’s often overlooked in today’s online world of high-tech hacking. Simple precautions can keep your data safe. Remember to keep filing cabinets and rooms that house sensitive data locked, and only give keys to trusted employees. Keep laptops and other mobile devices locked away from prying eyes when not in use.


Consider Outsourcing

Many SMBs are turning to Managed Print Services to boost their document and network security as a cost-effective solution. Not only will a Managed Print Services provider monitor your print environment, they will implement strong security measures using the latest technology for enhanced authentication, encryption and virus protection. And, they will help you convert your paper-based workflows to digital – all with one point of contact.


Today, security is an issue that must be dealt with by all businesses. Simple changes and tactics can help secure your office, devices and data. Implementing these tips is inexpensive and will go a long way towards protecting your business.


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