Managed Print Services: A Cost-Saving Solution for Non Profits


No business wants to spend more on printing than they have to, but when it comes to non profit organizations, it’s not just a matter of want, but of need. If you are a non profit looking to regain control over how much you spend on print, Managed Print Services (MPS) can help with a number of proven methods designed to cut costs, streamline work processes, increase workflow and save you money.


Common Challenges in the Non Profit Sector

Non profit organizations must perform a delicate balancing act between delivering necessary prints for private and public use, and remaining within the confines of their budget. Additional challenges include:


  • Technology – Keeping up with the latest technology can be tricky, especially when budgetary restraints don’t allow for much-needed upgrades in print equipment.
  • Cutbacks – Reductions in public or private funding can stretch thin budgets even further making it a challenge to meet printing needs.
  • Control – Cost controls are limited as equipment is often spread out over a number of departments, with no centralized purchasing, ordering or maintenance.
  • Security – Private and public data can be compromised without adequate IT personnel or security measures in place.


How MPS Can Help

There are a number of benefits to partnering with an MPS provider, including:


  • Expense control – With centralized purchasing, you’ll experience greater cost control.
  • Reductions in spending – Achieve a savings, on average, of around 30 percent.
  • Budgeting – An MPS provider will help you develop and maintain a more predictable operating budget.
  • Management – Assist with the configuration and management of print equipment to increase efficiency.
  • Ease of use – Simplify your print environment, with a single point of contact for billing, service and consumables.
  • Uptime – An MPS provider will ensure your equipment is kept in good working order, reducing the amount of money needed for repairs.
  • Digitization – Converting hard copy files to digital helps to increase security, accessibility, and ease of use while streamlining workflow processes.


Our non profit programs can help your organization to make the most of your existing technology, while cutting costs and increasing efficiency. Contact us today to learn more, or to see if your organization qualifies for one of our Managed Print Services programs for non profits.


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