How To Maximize Your Managed Print Service Experience

More Companies are Turning Towards MPS

As business print environments become increasingly more complex, many companies are turning to Managed Print Services. MPS engagement can help businesses to optimize infrastructure and improve productivity and workflow. But the real benefits of MPS extend beyond technology. MPS can help you lower costs, lessen environmental impact and ease the burden on your IT staff.


Before engaging an MPS provider, first ensure they can help to drive greater business value and sustained long-term performance. Let’s look at two way to maximize your MPS experience.


Go Beyond Print Management

Technology is rapidly evolving and businesses need to adapt to these changes. An MPS strategy should also be adaptable. Make sure your technology is up to today’s demanding needs. Your first order of business in your new MPS relationship should be to undertake a complete technological assessment to evaluate your current print technology status. Then working with an MPS provider, determine what upgrades can best enhance your current capabilities.


When considering an upgrade path, many IT professionals will first look at upgrading desktop and laptop computers. Print technology is next because business relies on printed documents as a primary way to capture data. Today’s multifunction printer technology offers easier ways to share and collaborate on data, as well as offering remote printing. MFPs allow users to print, scan, fax and copy all from a single device, simplifying workflow and increasing worker productivity.


An MPS provider can offer software solutions to simplify authentication, monitor your print environment and implement mobile print solutions.


Identify Opportunities

Businesses evolve over time and that means adapting new technology in the workplace. This is where an MPS provider can really shine. Your agreement should be flexible giving you the opportunity to expand your provider’s duties as needed. A good MPS provider will analyze your past growth and make recommendations for your future technological needs. In a successful agreement, your MPS provider becomes more of a partner, rather than simply a vendor. They will offer solutions to add value and as such, become an extension of your core team!


Implementing an MPS strategy should be viewed as an investment that will help you to not only save money and time, but increase value and productivity. Think out of the box to maximize your MPS experience.


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