Do You Need to Update Your Print Driver?

Have you updated your print driver lately?  If your printer seem to be running well and you’re happy with the quality of your prints, chances are you don’t need to worry about updating just yet. When a print driver is outdated however, certain tell-tale signs may occur:


  • Poor print quality – you may notice the crispness and clarity of your prints is deteriorating.
  • Missing print jobs – when a document is sent for printing, the driver may not properly translate it and will lose the document.
  • Dropped network connections – an important function of the print driver is to maintain a network connection to the printer.  If the driver is outdated the connection can be more difficult to sustain.
  • Unreliable printer – while everything else appears to be functioning normally, the printer itself may fail to consistently accept the translations from the print driver.


If you’re experiencing any of the above, updating your print driver may help solve the problem.


Check on the back or side of your printer to locate its make and model number. Next, you’ll want to search for the appropriate update for your driver on the manufacturer’s website and follow the online instructions to install the update.  Once installed, be sure to do test prints from different applications to ensure your issues have been solved.


To find out how a Managed Print Services provider can help keep your print environment running in tip-top shape, we invite you to schedule a free, no obligation print assessment below.


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