Transform Your Business With Colour!

Remaining competitive in business today requires an edge. We’re all searching for ways to cut costs, increase productivity and better position our company’s products and communicate our message to the marketplace. For many businesses, the solution is sitting right in front of you and can be summed up in a single word… COLOUR!


Colour printing can have a huge and lasting impact on your business. Let’s examine exactly how colour print can transform your company.


Some Facts About Colour

Research shows that businesses who use colour print experience measurable results from the practice. Colour can be used to make important, often-overlooked information stand out and can increase a reader’s attention span and information retention. Here are some facts to consider.


Colour printing can:


  • Help increase readership by 80%
  • Make your impression 39% more memorable
  • When printed in colour, phone contact can increase by 44%
  • Increase direct mail readership rates by 55%
  • Help readers locate important information up to 70% faster
  • Increase payment response up to 30%


Are You Using Colour Effectively?

Colour printing is powerful, so why aren’t more businesses using colour print to their advantage? The truth is, most business owners don’t know that colour print can be more affordable and efficient that the standard print processes they currently use. Colour print is no longer a “luxury”; these statistics show that it’s a necessity in order to compete in today’s marketplace.


The Xerox WorkCentre 6505 is making affordable colour print a reality for small businesses like yours. Machines like the 6505 mean that you can take your outsourced colour print jobs back in house without impacting your costs or disrupting workflows, and gain back control over your marketing materials and production pieces.


Want to learn more about how to use colour to transform your small businessContact us today and we’ll show you how!