Tips for IT Security

As more and more business intelligence is stored digitally these days, security becomes vital.  IT vulnerability is of particular concern among small to medium-sized businesses, as they often don’t have the resources or manpower required for full-time IT management. Without the benefit of full-time IT personnel, it can be difficult to defend a computer network against an attack.


Here are some steps you can take to secure your IT environment:


  • Secured backups – find a backup service that can provide a secured offsite repository for your mission critical files
  • Antivirus software – make sure your antivirus and antimalware software is current and the product is used on all devices that connect to your network
  • Personnel management – whenever an employee leaves, make sure their access to corporate systems is shut down as soon as possible
  • Passwords – routinely change and update passwords using a variety of letters, numbers and other characters
  • Digital copier disposal – be sure to dispose of your digital copiers properly as their hard drives are capable of storing company information from the documents they copy, fax and email


Managed IT Services can help relieve you of the stress and burden of around the clock monitoring, offering real time solutions to protect your information, and that of your clients. Make sure your company is safe in every way possible.


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