Social Media Pitfalls SMBs Should Avoid for Success!

Avoid these Social Media Pitfalls


In today’s marketplace, social media has become a way for potential and current customers to interact with a business, leading to loyalty, trust, and greater sales. Done well, social media is a great tool for small businesses, giving them the ability to reach many potential customers with virtually no cost. However, if you don’t handle your social media strategy correctly, you can quickly damage your brand. Small businesses should avoid these common social media mistakes:


Not Posting Enough (Useful) Content

To be effective on social media, you have to post regularly and reliably. It’s important to have your target audience in mind you’re posting. Users want relevant content, not just a sales pitch. Choose wisely to show how your company can provide real-life solutions that your customers can use.


Not Interacting

Customers want to feel heard, and social media is an excellent platform. When a customer provides feedback, asks questions, or otherwise comments on your material, you should take the time to engage with them. Responding to negative feedback can boost your brand, so don’t delete the negative comments – spin them to your advantage!



Interaction can quickly become spam if you overuse the direct and private messaging features on social media platforms. These private forms of communication should be saved for interactions over a specific issue.


Not Utilizing the Platform

Twitter has a limited character count. Facebook is a great platform for sharing images. Both of these, and others, can be used effectively, but only if you tailor your message to the platform. When starting out, take the time to plan a strategy for each individual platform to make sure you’re using it to your best advantage.


Not Measuring Your Impact

Any time you invest in a marketing campaign, you should have some way to measure how well it’s working. Social media marketing is no exception. Establishing metrics to determine how well your efforts are working will help you fine-tune your social media usage so you’re getting the most bang for your buck.


Social media is an amazing tool for reaching a broad client base quickly and cheaply. However, if you don’t use it properly you can find that you’ve done more harm than good. Avoid these and other common mistakes to enjoy a new way of connecting with your customers.


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