Optimize your Workflow with MPS

An efficient, productive office doesn’t happen by chance, but is cultivated over time, using a number of strategic elements and business practices. Workflow is one such element, defined as the steps and materials needed to complete tasks. Printing technology plays an important role in an office’s workflow.


A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can help improve your office’s workflow by ensuring you have the proper equipment, and support, in place to meet your unique business needs. Here’s how:


Introducing MPS

An MPS partnership begins with a thorough assessment of your current printing practices, equipment and office configuration. Your provider will  recommend equipment that can help meet the needs and demands of your staff and processes that will ensure your operation runs at peak efficiency.


Once in place, your equipment can be monitored by an MPS provider through the use of software which can detect small problems before they become larger issues.  Ongoing support and routine maintenance are part of your MPS agreement, guaranteeing the utmost in efficiency when it comes to workflow.


How MPS Can Help Improve Office Workflow

By strategically placing the right equipment throughout your office environment, an MPS provider will help improve your day-to-day work processes, The decision of where to place equipment is based on a number of factors, including office layout, user requirements and the ratio between employees and devices.


MPS At Work

A typical office consists of a number of departments, each with their own unique print requirements. For a small to medium sized business, a centrally-located multifunction printer with advanced options such as stapling, sorting, or hole punching may satisfy the majority of users, while a creative team may require a high quality colour printer and human resources may benefit from a strategically-placed black and white desktop printer.


The goal of any MPS program is to streamline workflow and increase productivity by improving everyday office processes. Simple changes like having the proper equipment placed strategically can drastically improve workflow and productivity almost immediately.  Contact us today for a free, no-obligation print environment assessment and let us show you how you can improve your office’s workflow.


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