Managed Print Services Explained

Managed Print Services can be a tremendous asset to your business; but do really know what MPS can do for you? By taking control of your print environment, a Managed Print Services provider will help you to understand and, ultimately, reduce your print costs while increasing productivity – and more!


What’s Covered?

Managed Print Services encompasses everything to do with your print environment including managing and optimizing devices, output and the business processes you use daily to support your printing.


These include:


  • All output produced by your office staff and mobile employees
  • Desktop and high-volume printers and scanners
  • Maintenance, service and all other print-related requests
  • Consumables management including paper, toner and other supplies


Your print environment can be a major source of expense – it make up as much as 15% of your annual spending! Many companies who have outsourced the management of their print environment to an MPS provider have realized savings of up to 30%.


More Than Just Managing Printers

A Managed Print Services provider can do more than just manage your print fleet. By analyzing your current print processes, an MPS provider can help you formulate a long-term plan to reduce and optimize your printing, which will continue to reduce your costs over time. They can also facilitate a secure printing solution for your mobile workforce and make your operation more sustainable by implementing a plan to help you reduce your use of consumables and keep waste out of the landfill.


The ultimate goal of an MPS provider is to constantly, and consistently, monitor and improve your print processes to save you time and money. Not sure if Managed Print Services is right for your company?  Contact us today for a free print assessment!  It’s a decision that can start saving you money today.


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