Keep Your IT People Out of the Printer-Repair Business

Your Information Technology (IT) staff possesses skills that few ordinary “mortals” can match – they develop networks and programs, keep software up to date, and even serve as the help desk when computers start acting strangely.


But one thing IT people shouldn’t have to deal with is printer repair or maintenance – that’s just not part of their typical skill set. Unfortunately, many don’t realize this; in fact, statistics suggest from 40 to 60 percent of help desk calls are printer-related.


Quite simply, a busy IT staff shouldn’t be wasting their time and talent on replacing toner, resolving paper jams, or figuring out why a document comes out of the printer streaked or crumpled.


Instead of charging your IT department to troubleshoot printer-related problems, why not consider enlisting the help of a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider? They will work proactively to monitor your print fleet to reduce the risk of downtime, provide as-needed supplies like toner before you run out  and can recognize and resolve small problems before they become big headaches.


An MPS solution automates the print process, freeing your employees to concentrate on their core tasks while your print fleet runs smoothly. Other MPS services, such as employee best-practice training, can help you reduce the amount of paper and toner you use to save on material cost and reduce your environmental impact.


An optimized print fleet begins with recognizing your needs versus your current technology. Contact an MPS provider today for a complimentary print environment assessment. They’ll show you how you can keep your workplace productive while making the most of your budget.


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