How Xerox Helps to Secure Your Network

With cyberattacks on the rise, it’s important to make sure your data is secure. Unfortunately, many companies overlook a major vulnerability – the multifunction printer. These sophisticated devices handle a lot of data, can print, scan, and fax, and if hacked can compromise your valuable information.


Fortunately, Xerox with its exclusive ConnectKey technology, is equipped to help you with a variety of security solutions.


Prevent Intrusion

Unauthorized users may have malicious intents, so ConnectKey utilizes authentication technology. Whether via mobile device, card readers or passcodes, when a user wants to use the MFP, they must first be authenticated. From there, all transmissions will be tracked and logged for a comprehensive audit trail.


Malicious Software Detection

With McAfee solutions included on Xerox Connectkey-enabled MFPs, your network is protected from malicious software attacks. ConnectKey will detect and reject suspicious activity, while McAfee automatically alerts a designated contact person. This way, if a hacker is attempting to access your network, your IT team has the chance to take additional security measures to prevent or limit the attack.



Whenever your data is being transmitted, it is at risk for being intercepted. Xerox Connectkey-enabled devices encrypt all data being sent or received prior to transmission, whether it is staying in the network or going to the cloud or emailed. If your data does get intercepted, it will be useless to the criminals.


Pull Printing

If a print job sits on the tray, it could be read or even stolen by an unauthorized person. Fortunately, ConnectKey-enabled MFPs are equipped to handle this situation by allowing users to delay the printing until they have arrived at the device and entered a code to release it.


Your multifunction printer should be protected as part of your network security plan. With its frequent data transmissions, it may be putting your company at risk. Xerox devices that are equipped with ConnectKey technology offer a range of protection against cyberattacks to seamlessly secure your data.


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