Copier Removal at the End of Lease: Whose Responsibility Is It?

Copier Removal

Copiers and multifunction printers are large devices that take up significant space in your office. When your lease expires, they will need to be returned, often at significant expense. What many companies fail to realize is that they are often the ones on the hook for these costs.


Copier Removal Expenses

The costs of removing a copier can quickly add up. Often weighing in at over 300 lbs., a copier needs to be moved carefully. If it needs to be moved up or down stairs, there may be a significant fee involved. Before it can be packaged for shipping, the following steps need to be completed:


  1. Removal of all liquids
  2. Any parts that may become damaged in transit need to be secured
  3. The hard drive needs to be decommissioned to remove any sensitive data


Once these tasks are complete, the copier must then be securely packaged and transported. This transit fee can easily run $300-$600 or more, including the cost of insurance, putting the total cost to as much as $1,000.


Removal Options

Most leases offer two options for removal: you make all the arrangements and pay the associated fees to have it shipped to a location specified by the leasing company, or you pay the vendor to remove and transport the device for you.


When signing your lease agreement, pay careful attention to the end of lease removal costs. Often you can find out upfront what the fees will be, allowing you to plan for this expense. Some vendors like Xerox offer deals on the removal fees, so you should consider this when choosing your vendor.


The costs to remove a copier or MFP at the end of the lease term can be significant. By understanding your lease agreement and planning ahead, you can be prepared for this expense.


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