Clear Your Desk With ConnectKey

Large amounts of paper can be source of stress for most office workers; a visual reminder of tasks which have yet to be completed, or dealt with. Why then, are so many organizations hesitant to embrace the trend of a paperless work environment, knowing the benefits of an organized, clutter-free workspace?


As stressful as it is to work around stacks of unsorted documents, paper has long been a part of doing business, but digitizing those same documents can help propel your business forward, maximizing productivity, while streamlining work processes. Xerox ConnectKey can help, with scanning solutions and applications designed for use with your ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printer (MFP)—so you can put paper in its place.


4 Ways to Clear Your Desk With ConnectKey

  1. Mobile scanning. Mobile Link is a Xerox mobile application, which allows the user to quickly and easily scan, print, or fax from any Internet-enabled mobile device, once connected to a Xerox MFP. Remote capabilities let you capture documents and other images using your device, then manage, and send them wherever they need to go, from wherever you are.


  1. Scanning to the cloud. Send documents to the cloud using advanced ConnectKey technology, accessing popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365, DocuShare, OneDrive, email and more.


  1. Scanning to PDF. Scanning your documents to a searchable PDF allows for fast, easy retrieval when time is of the essence, such as during customer inquiries, or for audit purposes.


  1. Scan and edit. Breathe new life into outdated materials, and enhance collaborative efforts by scanning documents and converting them to editable Microsoft Word files. Documents can later be edited by those with special permissions or passwords regardless of location, eliminating the need for time consuming meetings as members have instant access to materials in the cloud.


Xerox ConnectKey technology allows users to scan, organize, share, and store documents, while significantly reducing desktop clutter. Digitizing your documents and storing them in the cloud allows employees safe, easy access anytime, from anywhere, helping your business to grow, enhancing security, and keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

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