6 Proactive Ways to Prevent Malware Attacks

No business, large or small, is completely immune to a malware attack.  Prevention is key; it’s much easier to protect yourself from an attack than to recover from one.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take now to help keep your business safe. We’ve outlined some of these tips for you below:


  1. Make your team aware of the basics – While it may sound like common sense, have policies in place to require employees to not open attachments until they have been scanned and to not download anything from a website that they don’t trust.


  1. Use a full security suite – A full security suite will use firewalls, block certain traffic, proactively screen incoming links, filter your email inbox for junk mail and spam and consistently scan computers for malware. The more security you have in place, the safer your organization will be from threats.


  1. Use caution when it comes to links – Malicious links can come in the form of emails, texts and website addresses. Instruct your employees not to click on any links that appear to be suspicious, even if they are coming from someone that they trust. Instead, contact your IT team for guidance.


  1. Pick up the phone – If you are questioning a link that you received from someone that you know, simply pick up the phone and call them before clicking through.


  1. Don’t use personal devices – When an employee connects a personal device to your network, he or she is putting the entire network at risk. Instead, allow only authorized devices to connect to your network.


  1. Offer regularly training – The best way to prevent a malware attack is to regularly train your employees about potential threats and what can be done to avoid them.


With proper tools, training, and awareness you can prevent most malware attacks and security breaches from ever occurring. Please contact us to learn more about security measures that you can take to keep your organization safe.


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