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Want to Reduce Printing Costs? Here Are 6 Questions to Ask Yourself , West X

If you're like many small and medium sized companies, taking the time to create and/or review your organization's print policy is most likely low on your list of priorities. However, implementing a print policy is a simple and effective way to reduce your printing costs.   When you’re drafting your print policy, here are six important questions to ask yourself:   How many prints should each department be allowed to make? It's...

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5 Things to Look for When Buying or Leasing an MFP West X Business Solutions

When you're ready to upgrade your office printing equipment, you'll likely notice similarities between machines - especially when it comes to multifunction printers (MFPs). Since most have the same features and functions, consumers tend to base their final decisions on price - but beneath the surface there is more to consider. In order ensure the highest level of satisfaction with your purchase, look at what really sets...

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Do You Need to Update Your Print Driver? West X Business Solutions West X Vancouver

Have you updated your print driver lately?  If your printer seem to be running well and you're happy with the quality of your prints, chances are you don't need to worry about updating just yet. When a print driver is outdated however, certain tell-tale signs may occur:   Poor print quality - you may notice the crispness and clarity of your prints is deteriorating. Missing print jobs - when a document...

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