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Keep Your IT People Out of the Printer-Repair Business, West X, Vancouver, BC

Your Information Technology (IT) staff possesses skills that few ordinary “mortals” can match – they develop networks and programs, keep software up to date, and even serve as the help desk when computers start acting strangely.   But one thing IT people shouldn’t have to deal with is printer repair or maintenance – that’s just not part of their typical skill set. Unfortunately, many don’t realize this;...

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Optimize Your Workflow with Managed Print Services west x vancouver

An efficient, productive office doesn't happen by chance, but is cultivated over time, using a number of strategic elements and business practices. Workflow is one such element, defined as the steps and materials needed to complete tasks. Printing technology plays an important role in an office's workflow.   A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can help improve your office's workflow by ensuring you have the proper equipment,...

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Do You Need to Update Your Print Driver? West X Business Solutions West X Vancouver

Have you updated your print driver lately?  If your printer seem to be running well and you're happy with the quality of your prints, chances are you don't need to worry about updating just yet. When a print driver is outdated however, certain tell-tale signs may occur:   Poor print quality - you may notice the crispness and clarity of your prints is deteriorating. Missing print jobs - when a document...

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How To Maximize Your Managed Print Service Experience West X Vancouver

More Companies are Turning Towards MPS As business print environments become increasingly more complex, many companies are turning to Managed Print Services. MPS engagement can help businesses to optimize infrastructure and improve productivity and workflow. But the real benefits of MPS extend beyond technology. MPS can help you lower costs, lessen environmental impact and ease the burden on your IT staff.   Before engaging an MPS provider, first...

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