Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Put simply, the role of RPA is to automate repetitive tasks that were previously handled by humans.


By harnessing RPA to take on mundane, repetitive tasks, there are multiple productivity and efficiency benefits for businesses across a variety of industries. Previously, these tasks which could take several hours, are now completed in minutes and are error free. This automation significantly reduces operating costs, which in industries with razor-thin margins is a key benefit.


We offer a wide range of RPA services to assist you anywhere on your Robotic Process Automation journey. Our team of certified UiPath RPA Developers can automate any high value process.

Our services include:

RPA Development

Our team of certified UiPath Developers has what it takes to build robust bots.

Process Discovery & Mining

Use data from your business applications (like ERP and CRM) to get a thorough understanding of your processes. You’ll know what to automate and how to do it best—and prove impact afterward. We use Process Mining and Process Discovery to uncover Automations with high ROI.

RPA Process Analysis

Our Business Analysts can fully evaluate current or future “High Value” processes to automate. We know what questions to ask and provide thorough requirements, so our development team has something meaningful to work with.

RPA Project Management

Our Project Management team can ensure any RPA initiative goes smoothly. Using Agile to effectively manage any size project team, we ensure success at every turn.

Ongoing RPA Support

We understand the necessity of providing ongoing support for your Production Bots. Whether we run the Bots for you (as a BPO) or we provide support within your environment, West X Business Solutions is here to help.

Mentoring & Training

Regardless of where you are on your RPA Journey, we can help you get up to speed with RPA. We offer assistance for your development and business team as they are navigating the UiPath certification program.

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