Large Not-For-Profit Organization


The executive leaders at this large animal rights agency approached West X Business Solutions to help them solve several challenges related to inefficient workflows in the accounts payable department. Vendor invoices were being sent to head office via email and physical mail from 50 regional locations. Once received, the emailed invoices were printed and added to a physical invoice ‘inbox’ folder with hardcopy invoices. From there, invoices were sorted into PO and non-PO based invoices. PO invoices were matched with the paper copies of the purchase order and delivery slip. Successfully matched PO’s were sent for payment, and non-successful matches were manually routed to the appropriate person for further investigation and exception handling. Non-PO invoices were manually routed to the appropriate person for review and approval. If approved, invoices were signed off and sent for payment, and if not approved, it was manually routed back to the appropriate person for further clarification. The paper invoices were eventually scanned to digital format and stored on a file server for long term archive.

Our Approach

Our first step was to understand the Accounts Payable process from start to finish. This involved working with key stakeholders to map the process and gain an in depth understanding of how they were currently working with vendor invoices. Once we established a baseline of the current state, we were able to design and implement a solution that streamlined vendor invoice processing and removed manual, tedious tasks from office workers.

The Benefits

Since partnering with West X Business Solutions, our client has realized the following benefits:

  • Reduction in vendor invoice processing time
  • Reduction of late payment penalty
  • Cost savings in early payment discounts
  • Streamlined and digital workflows for review and approval
  • Reduction of manual labour involved in a traditional paper-based invoicing process
  • Reduction in the number of lost invoices
  • Increase in employee satisfaction

Looking Ahead

As the leaders of a forward-thinking not-for-profit organization, Our client’s executive team acknowledges the importance of continuous improvement. With the consulting efforts and support of West X Business Solutions, they have selected new problem areas with traditionally document-heavy processes and are planning to continue their journey to a more digital and paperless office across the entire organization.

Company Profile

This client is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Metro Vancouver focused on rescuing animals from abuse and working to protect and enhance the quality of life for all animals in British Columbia.

Our Solution

Enterprise Content Management:

  • Advanced scanning and document capture tools
  • Document management software
  • Business Process Management tools focusing on AP workflow and retention workflow

Our solution has enabled the digital capture of invoices and supporting accounts payable documents from each of the 50 regional locations. The documents are sent to a dedicated accounts payable email address (e.g., which brings the documents into a central processing queue. Document management software has provided a central repository for all invoices to be processed and routed through customisable review and approval steps and 3-way matching process. Additionally, advanced search and retrieval capabilities now enable employees to instantly access business documents as required. Once processed, retention policies are applied to the accounts payable documents which align to current compliance regulations.