Large Not-For-Profit Organization


When this client first approached West X Business Solutions, they were experiencing several challenges related to office productivity and printing. With no clear office printing strategy in place, the executive leaders lacked transparency into print-related costs, usage, and trends. This lack of transparency was resulting in escalating costs which, because the executive team was looking to reduce print-related costs, was making it difficult for them to know where to start.

Furthermore, because printers and multi-function devices are located at various program centres throughout the region, managing devices was becoming costly and difficult for the IT department, and frequent downtime was causing frustration for office staff. A lack of standardization on device makes and models was making print management challenging and ineffective for both front line staff and the IT department.

Our Approach

Our first step was to conduct an office productivity and print assessment to capture a baseline of their current state. We set out to understand how much was being printed throughout the organization, who was printing and why, and what the total annual print-related costs were. Furthermore, we spoke with office staff in finance, HR, operations, and IT to understand their current workflows and to learn about the challenges they were facing daily.

After establishing a baseline of the current state, we designed an account strategy that focused on short- and medium- term objectives. Through our assessment, we identified several ‘quick wins’ that provided an immediate ROI, such as implementing Managed Print Services on all non-Xerox printers and multi-function devices.

Next, we mapped out an ideal future state that could be implemented over the next 12-18 months. This plan included transitioning all multi-function devices to Xerox ConnectKey-enabled devices to ensure standardization and provide the benefits of market-leading productivity tools.

Through regular account reviews and strategy sessions, we continued to make recommendations for further productivity increases.

The Benefits

Since partnering with West X Business Solutions, our client has reduced overall print related costs by 20%. With the implementation of Managed Print Services, downtime has been reduced significantly, and office workers and IT staff spend much less time managing print devices. Consolidated monthly billing has provided detailed reporting on print costs and usage, simplifying the allocation of print expenses to various cost centres.

Xerox ConnectKey has improved information security and boosted employee productivity by connecting multi-function devices to commonly used business applications. Furthermore, the unified user experience has simplified printing and scanning workflows and has also reduced support calls to the help desk.

Looking Ahead

As the leaders of a forward-thinking not-for-profit organization, Our client’s executive team acknowledges the importance of continuous improvement. Through regular account reviews, our account team works closely with key stakeholders to identify new areas of opportunity. By providing insights on emerging technologies, our client is kept up to date on current trends in workplace productivity.

Company Profile

Our client provides a broad range of services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families. The company consists of approximately 600 employees including community and residential support workers, community connectors, employment specialists, behaviour consultants, other professionals, and a network of shared living contractors. Our client currently serves more than 1,200 children and adults in Metro Vancouver and other parts of BC.

Our Solution

Managed Print Services: We have transitioned 30 Xerox and non-Xerox printers and multi-function devices into a managed service, which provides:

  • Automated supplies replenishment
  • Proactive break/fix services
  • 24/7 help desk support
  • Consolidated billing (all locations’ print costs on one invoice broken down by location)
  • Detailed reporting on print usage, costs and trends

Xerox ConnectKey MFPs: We’ve implemented Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multi-function devices and printers, which provides:

  • A standardized user experience across the organization
  • Secure print functionality
  • High-quality print output
  • Integration between MFPs and commonly used business applications
  • The ability to print from mobile devices