Invest in High-Quality Printer Cartridges for Your Business

Fast Printing, Low Dry Time, Vibrant Colour
West X Business Solutions is an authorized Xerox agent and we have been servicing the Vancouver BC area for years. We offer all of the latest business printing and copying technology to help you cut printing costs and maximize productivity to help you meet your business goals. When you invest in an office printer or office copier for your Vancouver business, don’t forget to stock up on Xerox supplies as well.

Understanding the Types of Printer Cartridges

Different printers and copiers use different cartridges so, as a small business owner, it is important for you to understand the differences. Inkjet printers typically use small printer cartridges for individual colors as well as black ink – some inkjet printers still use a combination color cartridge, though this is becoming less common. Laser printers and copiers use toner cartridges rather than ink cartridges – instead of squirting ink onto the page, the printer fuses the ink to the page using heat. Printer toner cartridges may cost more than inkjet printer cartridges up front, but they last much longer – they can print up to 1,500 pages versus about 150 pages each.

Save Money on Printer Cartridges for Your Office

To keep your business running smoothly you need to always have a backup supply of printer cartridges and printer toner – that is where West X Business Solutions comes into play. In addition to supplying you with your office printing technology, we also offer Xerox supplies to keep your printers and copiers running day in and day out. Whether you need black printer toner for a laser copier or colour printer cartridges for an inkjet colour printer, you can count on us to offer affordable prices.