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Get print under control and maximize productivity with the right mix of technology, services and software.

The Facts

Like other small and mid-sized organizations, you might be surprised at how many ways an optimized print environment can improve your business. With the right office printing strategy in place, you can reduce costs, boost productivity, strengthen security, increase efficiency, promote sustainability, and gain visibility.


At West X, we believe that an optimized print environment is about more than just printers and multi function devices. It’s everything related to printers, their output, supplies and support, the way you use documents, and the people and processes that intersect with each of these.We believe there are seven core components of an optimized print environment.

West X - The Optimized Print Environment

The Benefits

Reduce Costs icon

Reduce Costs

Increase Efficiency icon

Increase Efficiency

Boost Productivity icon

Boost Productivity

Promote Sustainability icon

Promote Sustainability

Gain Visibility icon

Gain Visibility

Strengthen Security icon

Strengthen Security

Assess icon

Assess: Expert consultants will review your current environment and identify opportunities to improve performance, streamline operations, and reduce costs.

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Design: Working with your IT team and other key stakeholders, our team will develop short and long term plans to improve the capabilities of your technology infrastructure.

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Implement: Our team will deploy software, optimized hardware, and establish best practices and training as needed, ensuring your business maximizes productivity and cost savings.

Manage: Our team will ensure maximum uptime of hardware and software solutions and will continue to work with you to make continuous improvements to your business over time.

Our Methodology

It all starts with an assessment of your current printing environment. An assessment will help establish a baseline and identify areas to cut costs, identify improvements in workflows, and incorporate technology into your print environment.


What are you printing? How much are you printing? Who’s printing and to which devices? Like so many other companies, you’ll be surprised at just how much is being printed.


Once West X completes an assessment of your print environment, patterns will emerge and, usually, some immediate changes can be made to help increase efficiency.

Quick Assessment Comprehensive Assessment
Office Tour
Device Discovery & Analysis
Requirements Gathering
Total Cost of Ownership
Floor Mapping
Print Policies
Voice of the Customer

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