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Proven Ways to Beat Procrastination at the Office

That big project deadline is rapidly approaching and you've got a list of things to do before you turn it in to the boss. We've all experienced those times when you just don't have the mental clarity or energy, or maybe you start working on it, only to find distractions around every corner. If you sometimes tend to procrastinate, you're not alone. It's a common affliction and there are some simple solutions you can take to break the cycle and get the job done. Here are some ideas to help you get over the hump. Find Your Flow – Knowing how and when you work best is one way to eliminate procrastination. Determine when you are most productive and your thoughts are clearest. Try to avoid meetings or distractions during peak periods. Staying in the flow will increase your performance and your productivity. Avoid Multitasking – Break projects down into manageable pieces and work on one piece from beginning to end, without distractions or interruptions. Multitasking is a myth: switching our brains on and off is mentally exhausting. Focus! Develop Routines, Practice Discipline – We all agree that workloads can sometimes become unmanageable. You must learn to manage yourself and your time to drive productivity. Also delegation is an important skill. Know when to delegate tasks and how to follow up. Tasks Seem Repetitive and Boring – If you're a creative person, sometimes the minutia of a task can seem repetitive and boring, but it has to get done! Try setting a time limit for a single task and then compete against yourself to see if you can beat that time limit. Reward yourself every time you do! Focus on Your Top Three Priorities First – [...]

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How Xerox Helps to Secure Your Network

With cyberattacks on the rise, it’s important to make sure your data is secure. Unfortunately, many companies overlook a major vulnerability – the multifunction printer. These sophisticated devices handle a lot of data, can print, scan, and fax, and if hacked can compromise your valuable information. Fortunately, Xerox with its exclusive ConnectKey technology, is equipped to help you with a variety of security solutions. Prevent Intrusion Unauthorized users may have malicious intents, so ConnectKey utilizes authentication technology. Whether via mobile device, card readers or passcodes, when a user wants to use the MFP, they must first be authenticated. From there, all transmissions will be tracked and logged for a comprehensive audit trail. Malicious Software Detection With McAfee solutions included on Xerox Connectkey-enabled MFPs, your network is protected from malicious software attacks. ConnectKey will detect and reject suspicious activity, while McAfee automatically alerts a designated contact person. This way, if a hacker is attempting to access your network, your IT team has the chance to take additional security measures to prevent or limit the attack. Encryption Whenever your data is being transmitted, it is at risk for being intercepted. Xerox Connectkey-enabled devices encrypt all data being sent or received prior to transmission, whether it is staying in the network or going to the cloud or emailed. If your data does get intercepted, it will be useless to the criminals. Pull Printing If a print job sits on the tray, it could be read or even stolen by an unauthorized person. Fortunately, ConnectKey-enabled MFPs are equipped to handle this situation by allowing users to delay the printing until they have arrived at the device and entered a code to release it. Your multifunction printer should be protected [...]

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Protect Your Small Business From These Common Cyberattacks

With the increased dependency on technology, there's no question that cyberattacks are on the rise. However, many people have the misconception that cybercriminals only target large organizations. In reality, nearly half of all cyberattacks occur against small businesses. Cybercriminals target small businesses because they are generally more vulnerable and often don't have the appropriate security measures in place. Here are some of the most common types of cyberattacks that could threaten the livelihood of your small business: Denial of Service (DoS) Attack With this type of attack, malicious attackers use multiple computers to send an overwhelming amount of data and information to the point where your system overloads and shuts down. Monitoring unusual spikes in traffic is one way to avoid this cyber traffic jam. It's also critical that you regularly update your security software to prevent this type of attack. Inside or Employee Attack A commonly overlooked threat is when an employee decides to misuse his or her access to sensitive data. When terminating employees, be sure to revoke their access to all data and take their keys to the office. Don't give disgruntled employees the opportunity to expose your company's data. Malware This type of cyberattack is a malicious software used to gain access to your system and wreak havoc. Make it a policy for employees not to open emails from people they don't know, and keep antivirus software updated to create a moat of protection around your business. Password Attacks Using a weak password makes it easy for criminals to open the doors to all of your sensitive information. As a best practice, create passwords using a combination of an uncommon word and numbers or characters. Change passwords frequently to throw hackers off [...]

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Copier Care Tips

Print equipment is an investment towards the future and efficiency of your organization, but in order to maximize your return you'll need to ensure your digital copiers and printers are properly cared for and maintained. Keep things up and running with the following tips and keep your equipment and staff operating at peak efficiency. Copier Care Tips Size matters. Choose a copier based on your unique needs and print volume, rather than price. Equipment that is under or over utilized will likely cost more in repairs and maintenance as system components wear and breakdown prematurely. Train your employees. Ensure all staff are aware of the features and functions of your copier and know how to use it. Proper training can help you get the most out of your investment while preventing damage or waste from misuse. Clean your copier. Dust, food particles and liquids can damage electronics and moving parts if they come in contact with the interior of the machine. Prevent spills by placing a ban on food and drinks from the copier area, and implement a cleaning routine that consists of the monthly vacuuming of paper drawers, dusting of the exterior, and a weekly wiping of the glass platen with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Be careful. Paper clips, coil binding, staples and other sharp materials can scratch the platen. Conserve energy. In addition to lowering your energy costs, powering down your copier when not in use will help to extend its lifespan. Encourage employees to turn the unit off before leaving the area, or program the unit to automatically fall into hibernation mode after a set period in time. Erase the past. The internal hard drive should be permanently destroyed or erased at the end of its useable lifespan, [...]

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4 Ways SMBs Can Attract and Retain Millennial Talent

There's no question that Millennial employees are in high demand; however, many businesses have yet to master the art of attracting and retaining Millennial talent. If your business is struggling to win over Millennials, here are four things that this coveted generation wants from an employer: 1. A work environment that offers flexibility.  What the Millennial generation (born between 1980 and 2000) holds near and dear to their heart is the desire for a good work/life balance and flexibility. Generally speaking, happiness matters more to this generation than money. A recent report from PwC reveals that Millennials are reshaping the business environment by preferring an open workspace that encourages creativity.  While Millennials can stick to a deadline, they want the flexibility to work in an environment where they can be most productive, whether this is at the office or at the local coffee shop. 2. Opportunities for personal and professional development.  According to the same PwC report, the top priority for Millennials is training and development, which they rank ahead of a flexible work schedule and money. The reason why Millennials place so much emphasis on training and development is that they want to be prepared to take on more challenging work. Millennials want (and expect) to advance quickly. If they don't feel that they're being trained for the next step in their careers, Millennials will change companies. This is why the average tenure for Millennial employees is two years, which is significantly lower than older generations.  3. Managers that also mentor and coach. While Millennials don't want to be micromanaged, they also don't want a manager that leaves them alone. Instead, they want a manager that offers the right balance and serves as a [...]

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Xerox Announces Biggest Product Launch In Company History with VersaLink and AltaLink Printers and MFPs

Xerox recently announced the largest product launch in the history of the company. This exciting news brings 29 new Xerox printers and MFPs to the market through its VersaLink and AltaLink series. These new additions to the ConnectKey portfolio transform MFPs and printers into smart workplace assistants. Of the new products, 19 printers and MFPs are part of the VersaLink series and 10 are members of the AltaLink series. VersaLink printers and MFPs are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses while AltaLink devices are intended for medium to large-sized workgroups. Here are several benefits that the new VersaLink and AltaLink printers and MFPs offer: Superior User Experience All 29 of the new VersaLink and AltaLink devices have been designed with the end-user in mind. The tablet-like touch screen interface is intuitive, making it easy for even non-technical users to grasp. The user screen can be customized to best suit the needs of individual users and business preferences, allowing you to create a more productive workplace. Mobile and Cloud Ready The user screen of the new printers and MFPs is app-driven, and businesses benefit from the ability to choose from a wide variety of apps from the Xerox App Gallery. Users can seamlessly transfer information from the device to cloud repositories such as Dropbox, Office 365, and Google Drive. Users will benefit from the ability to print wirelessly from their mobile devices. More Efficient Workflows With access to an ever-evolving app gallery, the new workplace assistants are designed to grow with your business. These apps allow businesses to customize workflows to best suit their needs, creating more efficient processes that require fewer steps. Comprehensive Security The ConnectKey technology that these devices use ensures comprehensive security for system components [...]

Low-Tech Threats to Your Sensitive Data

Data security is a major topic for businesses these days. While much attention is given to preventing a cyber breach, it is important that you don’t lose sight of the low-tech threats to your data as well. These can compromise your business and cause as much devastation as a cyber attack. Physical Threats Physical threats are as prevalent and harmful as cyber threats.  Confidential information can be easily taken if left unattended in a printer tray, photographed on computer monitors or transferred to a USB drive, or even just pocket a device. Here are some easy steps to take to reduce your risk: Lock up devices to prevent theft. Restrict access to printers and require swipe cards or other security before printing to limit pages in the print tray. Implement a USB port restriction policy or Data Leakage Prevention system. Be sure documents are kept in locked drawers and shredded before being discarded. Computer displays should be locked whenever they are not in use and accessed via password or other authentication. Employees should also be reminded on how to keep data safe when they take devices or confidential documents off-site. Passwords, encryption, and other authentication can help keep your data safe. Environmental Concerns Data loss can occur due to other factors as well. Fire, flood, and power surges can destroy your equipment and cause you to lose your files. Implementing a power protection protocol, using climate-controlled computer rooms, and safe fire suppression systems can help reduce your risk from these environmental factors. However, you should also back up your files regularly to be stored off-site for full protection against data loss due to environmental issues. Secure Back-ups Backing up your files allows you to access them even after a [...]

Eliminating Time Wasters in Your Document Workflow

In business, time is money. Every hour that your employees spend on tasks that don’t generate revenue, you’re losing the opportunity to grow your business. These types of tasks are common in most businesses, and if you don’t manage them efficiently, you could be losing money. Finding ways to improve your document workflow can increase productivity and your bottom line. The Inefficient Document Workflow Repetitive activities, such as processing an invoice, can take many steps and involve multiple people to complete. For example, to pay a vendor, employees may have to go through several steps, such as: Scanning an invoice Emailing the invoice to the finance department Printing the invoice Filling in any other information by hand Rescanning the invoice with added data Sending payment Entering data into the computer system These labor-intensive tasks are inefficient with repetition and introduce the possibility for human error and security lapses. Making Improvements to Your Document Workflow By taking an in-depth look at tasks that must be repeated frequently, you can begin to identify steps that can be eliminated, automated, or made easier. For example, when you digitize this workflow, it can be as simple as: Scanning the invoice into a digital workflow Information is automatically parsed and completed Alerts are sent to appropriate personnel when errors are detected, or fields exceed pre-set parameters. Employees attend to only these cases. If no alerts are sent, payment is made automatically This eliminates wasted time and money, and only requires employees to take control when there is a specific issue identified. Making improvements such as these does more than simply make this job more efficient. When employees are not tied down to repetitive and time-consuming tasks, they can be better [...]

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Clear Your Desk With ConnectKey

Large amounts of paper can be source of stress for most office workers; a visual reminder of tasks which have yet to be completed, or dealt with. Why then, are so many organizations hesitant to embrace the trend of a paperless work environment, knowing the benefits of an organized, clutter-free workspace? As stressful as it is to work around stacks of unsorted documents, paper has long been a part of doing business, but digitizing those same documents can help propel your business forward, maximizing productivity, while streamlining work processes. Xerox ConnectKey can help, with scanning solutions and applications designed for use with your ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printer (MFP)—so you can put paper in its place. 4 Ways to Clear Your Desk With ConnectKey Mobile scanning. Mobile Link is a Xerox mobile application, which allows the user to quickly and easily scan, print, or fax from any Internet-enabled mobile device, once connected to a Xerox MFP. Remote capabilities let you capture documents and other images using your device, then manage, and send them wherever they need to go, from wherever you are. Scanning to the cloud. Send documents to the cloud using advanced ConnectKey technology, accessing popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365, DocuShare, OneDrive, email and more. Scanning to PDF. Scanning your documents to a searchable PDF allows for fast, easy retrieval when time is of the essence, such as during customer inquiries, or for audit purposes. Scan and edit. Breathe new life into outdated materials, and enhance collaborative efforts by scanning documents and converting them to editable Microsoft Word files. Documents can later be edited by those with special permissions or passwords regardless of location, eliminating the need for time consuming meetings as members have instant access to materials [...]

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Use Google My Business to Increase Your Online Presence

Do you have an online presence? 70% of consumers go online to research businesses before purchasing services and products, making an Internet presence essential to be competitive in today’s marketplace. For small and medium businesses, keeping up can be difficult. Google My Business can give you the tools you need to reach your customers. Google My Business When a customer does a search on Google, Google Maps, or Google+, they are looking to quickly find and evaluate the services available to them before calling or visiting a location. When you have a Google My Business page, customers can access your full business profile, including photos and reviews, which can translate to more web traffic and sales. Google My Business is a free service that allows you to: Update your business hours, location and other information Upload photos of your business and products Connect via Google+ Respond and interact with customer reviews Access important analytics to understand how GMB is helping your business to thrive All this is accessed through a simple to understand interface, making it easy to stay on top of your online presence. Tangible Benefits When your customers can access a full profile of your business on Google, your business will see tangible benefits. Customer interactions and reviews can translate to not only a better reputation and increased sales, but a higher Google ranking, driving even more traffic to your profile and website. Photos also help boost your sales. Studies have shown that profiles that include photos are significantly more likely to receive website traffic and request for directions which lead to increases in sales. With the GMB Analytic services, you can see the benefits your profile is having. You can review the search [...]

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