Human Resources Automation

Simplify Human Resources management and eliminate paper-based employee onboarding. Human Resources automation solutions improve day-to-day processes by digitally storing employee information, repopulating captured data onto multiple forms, and enabling automatic notification of post-hire activities.


Human Resources onboarding solutions improve document creation, storage, retrieval, and retention policies saving valuable time for your HR team.

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Improve HR Processing By:

  • Eliminating paper-based employee files
  • Leveraging web-based employee request forms
  • Accessing HR records as needed through your mobile device
  • Streamlining contract approval with digital signatures
  • Establishing automatic notifications upon application submissions
  • Automating post-hire activities including benefits enrollment and performance reviews

How HR Automation Works

Submit Applications Online

Take your application process paperless with online web forms.

Data is Captured and Shared

Eliminate repetitive data entry with advanced capture capabilities. Securely store application data. Information will automatically populate all hiring documents.

Employee Moves Through the Hiring Process

Applications automatically flow through approval to the final decision. If hired, HR is automatically notified for future actions like benefits enrollment and reviews.

Secure Documents

Completed documentation is securely stored, and available to authorized users. Employees can be granted access to expense reports, time off requests and more, encouraging self-service.

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