Well-known Trades College


Our client’s main concern was their inability to find and process accounting and student records documentation quickly and efficiently. With numerous silos of information, records resided in multiple different systems. Student records we restored in a student information system, accounting information resided in a financial database, and associated documents were housed across various email and file servers.

No “single source of truth” or central repository existed where staff could search and find information needed to complete tasks and requests, causing inefficiency and frustration for staff and students. They engaged West X Business solutions to assist in providing a solution to better manage their Accounting and Student Records Documentation.

Our Approach and Solution

First West X Business Solutions worked closely with the Accounting and Accounts Payable teams to gain a full understanding of exactly how the financial documents and student records were currently stored and accessed. While this client’s challenge seemed extensive and difficult to address, the solution recommended and implemented by West X Business Solutions was quite simple: a unified Document Management Repository (DMR).

The DMR designed by West X Business Solutions simplified their document storage and access procedures by first providing a single, centralized queue for incoming invoices. The accounting team can simply drag and drop invoices from the email into a monitored “hot folder” that automatically syncs with the system. Once invoices are received into this system, they can now be reviewed, signed off, and approved online by users with the appropriate access. We also helped the teams establish standard naming conventions for documents for better file management.

Using a simple point-and-click OCR tool, staff can index documents to facilitate quick search-and-find tasks. Permissions-based authentication allows system users with the appropriate access levels to access accounting and student information files they need instantly from the centralized and secure repository, and a full audit trail and version control capabilities help keep information secure and accurate.

The Benefits

With the Document Management Repository solution customized and implemented by West X Business Solutions, the client now enjoys the following benefits:

  • A centralized location to securely store accounting and student records information
  • Reduction in time required to find documentation
  • Reduction in time required to review, approve, and digitally sign invoices
  • Standardized naming conventions for documents, facilitating quicker information access and consumption

Looking Ahead

As the leaders of a forward-thinking not-for-profit organization, Our client’s executive team acknowledges the importance of continuous improvement. With the consulting efforts and support of West X Business Solutions, they have selected new problem areas with traditionally document-heavy processes and are planning to continue their journey to a more digital and paperless office across the entire organization.

Company Profile

This client is a well-known trades college based in the Lower Mainland of BC, providing pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship and certification training for over 25 years.