Large Real Estate Firm


Prior to working with West X Business Solutions, our client outsourced the printing and production of their marketing materials, which proved to be very costly for the firm. Furthermore, each realtor was individually responsible for the production of their personal marketing materials, including feature sheets, mailouts, thank you cards, postcards, and more. This was not only costly for the realtors but also resulted in inconsistent branding for the firm.

As a full-service real estate brokerage, our client was looking for a competitive edge in the marketplace, to enhance their brand, and to attract top realtors . The executive leaders recognized a revenue opportunity as well as a cost-saving measure in providing in-house production printing services to their agents as well as the internal brokerage’s marketing team.

Our Approach

West X Business Solutions worked with our client’s key stakeholders including executive team members, marketing team leaders, and a sample set of realtors by location to understand their goals, marketing requirements, and specific applications they were producing or wanted to produce.

Once we had a clear picture of the marketing requirements, we engaged our Graphic Communications specialist to help design the ideal solution for their organization, while also providing valuable insights into new ways of approaching their marketing collaterals using new techniques and a variety of media applications.

We provided a demonstration of the technology to provide a proof of concept and delivered courses for colour management. Finally, we provided a portfolio of marketing collateral samples to use for new insightful ideas.

The Benefits

By working with West X Business Solutions to bring all outsourced printing in-house, this large real-estate firm was able to:

  • Benefit from increased profits
  • Realise consistency and control over their marketing materials and brand
  • Reduce costs of outsourcing
  • Improve convenience with an in-house, on-demand printing solution
  • Gain a competitive advantage in attracting top realtors

Company Profile

Our client is one of Western Canada’s largest integrated real estate firms, serving the needs of British Columbians for over 70 years with 18 offices located throughout the province and a team of over 1,000 realtors.

Our Solution

To help our client provide in-house printing services, West X Business Solutions installed the award-winning Xerox Versant 180 colour press with a powerful print controller for colour management and automated workflows.