November 2016

How Secure is Your Printer?, West X, Vancouver, BC

Is your printer secure?   When it comes to network security, every device matters. Why then do more than 50% of companies overlook one of the most commonly used devices on the network – the printer? (IDC) Hackers know this, making the printer an easy target for cyberattacks that can affect your whole network and cripple your business.   Printer Vulnerability An unsecured printer provides an open door to your...

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lease or buy a copier west x vancouver bc

Copier Leasing   Copiers are important staples in many offices. Today's copiers have evolved into multifunction devices that offer the ability to copy, print, scan and fax. And copiers also serve as an on-boarding tool for electronic document management systems as well.   While most businesses realize the value that a quality copier can offer to their workplace, they face a difficult decision when acquiring one: should we buy or...

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