June 2016

SMBs Embrace Print Outsourcing - For Good Reasons, West X, Vancouver, BC

Managed Print Services Peak productivity and cost control – they’re key goals for every business. But in the world of SMBs, with their limited budgets, managers often have to make a choice between one or the other.   Fortunately, small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly embracing a solution that offers the twin benefits of productivity and savings. Managed Print Services (MPS) also takes the burden of print fleet selection, purchase,...

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Simple and Cost-Effective Security Measures for SMBs, West X, Vancouver

Security Measures for SMBs Open your paper on almost any day and you’ll read about the latest data breach. It’s obvious why hackers would target banks or insurance companies, but the fact is almost every business has information that would be of value to thieves. If you have payment information, employee records, or customer information on your network, you are potentially at risk of a breach.   The threat...

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