May 2016

Want to Reduce Printing Costs? Here Are 6 Questions to Ask Yourself , West X

If you're like many small and medium sized companies, taking the time to create and/or review your organization's print policy is most likely low on your list of priorities. However, implementing a print policy is a simple and effective way to reduce your printing costs.   When you’re drafting your print policy, here are six important questions to ask yourself:   How many prints should each department be allowed to make? It's...

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mps west x vancouver bc

Managed Print Services can be a tremendous asset to your business; but do really know what MPS can do for you? By taking control of your print environment, a Managed Print Services provider will help you to understand and, ultimately, reduce your print costs while increasing productivity - and more!   What's Covered? Managed Print Services encompasses everything to do with your print environment including managing and optimizing devices, output and the...

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