April 2016

Time to close the door on filing cabinets?, West X, Vancouver, BC

The file cabinet – that mainstay of the office – could be compromising both your office’s productivity and information security.   Even small and medium-sized businesses that have long embraced fundamental online functionality like email and web meetings may still be tied to hard copies for their documentation; thus the ongoing presence of file cabinets.   But even within those sturdy-looking metal drawers, documentation is at risk:   Unless constantly kept...

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Environmentally-Friendly Printing with MPS , West X, Vancouver, BC

Environmentally-Friendly Printing with Managed Print Services   Depending on the type of business you own, the process of going green may require a number of complex strategies, or just a few simple changes. Regardless of the scope, there is one area of business which many organizations fail to consider in their quest to become more eco-friendly: their print environment. Left unmanaged, waste, energy usage and print costs...

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