March 2016

How to Maximize the Benefits of Millennials and Technology in the Workplace , West X, Vancouver, BC

Technology has dramatically transformed the way that we carry out tasks and conduct business in the workplace today. While the increased dependency on technology in the workplace has been an adjustment for older generations, Millennials seem to not be affected by this shift at all. This is because the Millennial generation has grown up in the digital age and has always been surrounded by technology.   While...

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Transform Your Business With Colour!, West X Business Solutions, Vancouver BC

Remaining competitive in business today requires an edge. We’re all searching for ways to cut costs, increase productivity and better position our company’s products and communicate our message to the marketplace. For many businesses, the solution is sitting right in front of you and can be summed up in a single word… COLOUR!   Colour printing can have a huge and lasting impact on your business. Let’s...

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