February 2016

6 Proactive Ways to Prevent Malware Attacks , West X Business Solutions, Vancouver BC

No business, large or small, is completely immune to a malware attack.  Prevention is key; it’s much easier to protect yourself from an attack than to recover from one.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take now to help keep your business safe. We've outlined some of these tips for you below:   Make your team aware of the basics - While it may sound like common sense,...

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Keep Your IT People Out of the Printer-Repair Business, West X, Vancouver, BC

Your Information Technology (IT) staff possesses skills that few ordinary “mortals” can match – they develop networks and programs, keep software up to date, and even serve as the help desk when computers start acting strangely.   But one thing IT people shouldn’t have to deal with is printer repair or maintenance – that’s just not part of their typical skill set. Unfortunately, many don’t realize this;...

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