November 2015

West X IT Security Solutions

Build a Strong IT Policy with West X   A strong IT security policy is important to help protect your sensitive data from cyber breaches and improper use. For small and medium businesses, this task often falls to a manager who may not have specialized IT experience. If you company lacks internal IT resources, a Managed IT Services provider can offer valuable expertise to help you draft a well-defined security policy.   Here are...

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5 Things to Look for When Buying or Leasing an MFP West X Business Solutions

When you're ready to upgrade your office printing equipment, you'll likely notice similarities between machines - especially when it comes to multifunction printers (MFPs). Since most have the same features and functions, consumers tend to base their final decisions on price - but beneath the surface there is more to consider. In order ensure the highest level of satisfaction with your purchase, look at what really sets...

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