October 2015

Password Security West X Business Solutions Vancouver

In this era of increasingly sophisticated hackers, whose tampering has affected companies like Staples and Sony, it’s not hard to see why Internet security is taking the spotlight.   For most computer and device users, the first line of defense is a good password. The problem is, too few people know what goes into a good password. Weak passwords can put company information at risk for hacking, spamming and other issues.   So what...

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Do You Need to Update Your Print Driver? West X Business Solutions West X Vancouver

Have you updated your print driver lately?  If your printer seem to be running well and you're happy with the quality of your prints, chances are you don't need to worry about updating just yet. When a print driver is outdated however, certain tell-tale signs may occur:   Poor print quality - you may notice the crispness and clarity of your prints is deteriorating. Missing print jobs - when a document...

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