July 2015

Tips For Taking Care of Your Printer Paper West X Vancouver

Choosing the right printer is vital to your workplace, and complementing it with the right toner is a given.   But the right paper can be a little more perplexing. After all, isn’t most printer paper basically alike?   One answer comes from PC.net’s Per Christensson, who advises against buying on price alone. “Many companies offer a low-priced type of printer paper called ‘multipurpose’ paper,” Christensson says. “This is really ‘no purpose’...

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How To Maximize Your Managed Print Service Experience West X Vancouver

More Companies are Turning Towards MPS As business print environments become increasingly more complex, many companies are turning to Managed Print Services. MPS engagement can help businesses to optimize infrastructure and improve productivity and workflow. But the real benefits of MPS extend beyond technology. MPS can help you lower costs, lessen environmental impact and ease the burden on your IT staff.   Before engaging an MPS provider, first...

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