June 2015

Mobile Printing with West X Business Solutions Vancouver

What you Need to Know About Mobile Print   Mobile print – the capability to send print jobs from any Internet-enabled location – appears to be no passing trend.   According to IDC, up to 75 percent of the North American workforce was mobile in 2010 – and that was five years ago, at the dawn of the smartphone/tablet revolution. Furthermore, iPass reports that 91 percent of mobile workers use...

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Rules Based Printing West X Business Solutions Vancouver

The old adage is true - without order, there is chaos. Business rules create structure, and help to define measurable quantities of productivity, usage and profit. They have become so refined, that even the smallest of tasks may now be tracked, quantified and improved.   One area of business that is often overlooked is office printing. As a fundamental part of any organization, print costs are thought...

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